Why You Should See El Nido on a Full Moon

Why You Should See El Nido on a Full Moon

When traveling to El Nido, you may want to select travel dates that include a full moon night for a totally different beach experience.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should select traveling with that glowing immortal orb in the night sky.

Well, you don’t have to be a romantic to appreciate the full moon.

But when you’re in El Nido, by the sand and the sea and the towering cliffs and coconut palms, perhaps (just perhaps!) you will want to bring out a guitara and sing an ode to a perfect night.

A full moon night in El Nido is priceless.

The white beaches are glowing. Sea creatures are far more active, which is just wicked for night diving. If you score a local fisherman’s boat, you can paddle on the calm surface and just watch the clear, illumined water and its lively marine creatures.

We can’t blame you if these “boring” quiet nights are not your thing.

Because if that isn’t your version of island pleasure, there’s this other activity that will keep you perked up and sweating the night away: full moon parties.

In Corong-Corong, mostly along Marimegmeg Beach, local and international DJs spice up the night with some badass beats escalating to the pulse of wild wild fun until morning.

There are no entrance fees whatsoever. Just swing by and get a drink. The night is yours!

Enjoy a full moon night in El Nido with its glowing white beaches, active sea creatures, and full moon parties. It’s a completely different experience.