Choosing the Best Island Resort in El Nido, Palawan

Choosing the Best Island Resort in El Nido, Palawan

When picking an accommodation in El Nido, the most memorable experience would always be staying on an island, surrounded by eye-candy islets.

The thousands of people who stream into town each month easily get funneled into the small inns and pension houses in the Town Proper–for the lack of better options.

But you don’t have to go along with the crowd.

Because there are three other options available to maximize your experience in this paradise: by staying on an island in charming seclusion.

Here are three recommended options:

Option 1. Island Accommodations for adventure lovers

You can take either one of the most raved island expeditions in El Nido, which already includes overnight stays on a different island every night.

This way you can do better island hopping and save up on booking hotels or resorts.

Right by the beach under the bright stars and the spell of waves, you’ll sleep in a hut, tent, or netted pod, and recharge your soul away.

By daytime, you’ll get on a boat with other travelers and explore virgin islands not just in El Nido but also in the 200-island Calamian Island Group in northern Palawan.

Two of the most sought-after island expeditions based in El Nido are Isla Expeditions and Tao Philippines.

Isla Expeditions has three-day, four-day, and five-day island expeditions usually including incredible diving sites and 9 to 20 destinations, depending on the package. Read more >>

Tao Philippines is similar but this one only offers a five-day island expedition with multiple activities and a sustainable community-building program to boot.

Option 2. AirBnB island accommodations for laid-back folks

The second option is for those who just want to chill on a gorgeous rustic island in privacy and serenity.

Each island listed below has its own flavor but all of them are roughly developed, preserving as much forest cover as possible.

In addition, once you book in either of these on Airbnb, full board, meals, and activities are already included.

This especially works great if you’re a group and just want to spend some time together, for bonding, honeymoon, private wedding, or team building.

Here are top three island accommodations. All of them are eco-friendly, solar-powered, and have healthy, delicious meals on board! Yum!

Floral Island (Talacanen Island) has that luxury island feel, featuring three white-sand beaches, lovely limestone formations, and a thriving reef where you can plant corals. Sweet! With yummy healthy food, fast WIFI, many island activities, and a flat 5 out of 5 rating on AirBnb, Floral Island can be rented out for only P26,000 a night, good for 8 people. Read more | Book here

Brother Island (Small Darocoton Island) has a beautiful bed of white sand, simple yet homey rooms, and an amazing laid-back ambiance. You can rent the whole island for only P25,000, good for 16 people. Read more | Book here

DRYFT Darocotan Island (Big Darocotan Island) is a one-of-a-kind island glamping adventure on the east coast of El Nido. All glamping tents are built by local artists using native and recycled materials. Read more | Book here

Option 3. Luxury islands for the glam shots

If you’re looking for the most classy resorts, you can always pick one from the five existing luxury island resorts in Bacuit Bay.

Three of the five resorts in this list are managed by El Nido Resorts, the undisputed luxury island developer in town.

From any of these island resorts, you can get a boat or yacht to explore the surrounding stunning islands and lagoons that will leave you simply speechless.

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Pangulasian Island Resort is an eco-luxury hideaway featuring a 750m white-sand beach and lovely sunrise and sunset views. Read More | Book here

Pangulasian Island

Matinloc Island Resort offers spacious, bright rooms sitting on cliffs with their own balconies and splendid views of the island-studded bay. Read more | Book here

Matinloc Island

Lagen Island Resort is surrounded by a 4,000-hectare forest, dramatic cliffs, and a beautiful lagoon. Read more | Book here

Lagen Island

Miniloc Island Resort is semi-enclosed in high cliffs and has those postcard-perfect white cottages standing on stilts. Read more | Book here

Miniloc Island

Cauayan Island Resort has a relaxing spa ambiance, villas in picturesque locations, and many exciting activities. Read more | Book here

Cauayan island

Don’t like sleeping on an island?

El Nido has over 300 accommodations, it’s crazy.

Sifting through all these can be a mind-numbing experience. Not to mention, it’s time-consuming!

If staying on an island is not an option for you, the next most recommended places to stay are beachfront hotels, hotels with sea views, and nature resorts.

We’ve also handpicked camping and glamping sites as well as budget-friendly accommodations under P800 ($16) per night, in case you’re on a budget.

Staying on an island in El Nido is undoubtedly an experience in itself. You can book island expeditions that let you save on hotels and accommodations. Otherwise there are affordable islands as well as luxury islands that you can book for your own privacy and charming seclusion.