7 Major Destinations in El Nido, Palawan

7 Major Destinations in El Nido, Palawan

A majority of travelers in El Nido just settle for the crowded Town Proper, the fun Island Tours, and the sunset-charmed Corong-Corong.

We can’t blame them if these are all they read about in most three-day itineraries online.

El Nido is much, much bigger than these busy places though and definitely deserves at least a week-long exploration.

We’ve nailed down seven (7) major destinations in town, each having its own unique vibe and flavor.

To make the most of your stay, we recommend visiting at least three of these destinations!

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Town Proper

Its 600m white cove El Nido Beach curves like a safe harbor for speedboats, pump boats, and barges. This beach, though not suitable for swimming, serves as the starting point to various island hopping tours in the magnificent Bacuit Bay. Along the beach too are some seafood and international restaurants as well as lounges and bars offering sunset happy hours. Read more >>


Marimegmeg Beach

There is nothing more spectacular than the sunset in El Nido as it is viewed from a lounge chair in Corong-Corong. About 10 minutes away from the Town Proper, this coastal village features three areas to catch this sublime experience. The most loved vantage point is Marimegmeg Beach, which is lined with coconut trees, hip bars, and restaurants facing the island-studded Bacuit Bay. Read  more >>


Lio’s eye-candy attraction is the public white cove Lio Beach. This charming and well-maintained cove stretches an impressive 4km! It’s quite a long walk from end to end. The sandbank is wide, reaching all the way back to the posh resorts and the tree-shaded strip of restaurants and bars at the beach entrance. Read more >>


Nacpan Beach El Nido

When travelers have had enough of El Nido’s popular attractions, one of the best places to see next are the twin beaches of Nacpan. Called Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach, these beaches lie back to back to each other, arched like the curve of a wheel. Nacpan Beach, however, gets all the attention because of its soft and cream-white sandbank, spanning a bewildering 4.2km! Read more >>


Duli Beach El Nido

There is no shortage of swells in a remote surfing spot like Duli. The waves are slow, long, and rumbling, as the sun spears through the glassy blue water. Surfers paddle and ride the whitewash through the amihan months or northeastern monsoon between November and April. The waves in Duli are generally steady, great for beginners, but not barrelling perfectly. Read more >>


During the Amihan Season from November to April, Sibaltan is ripped by fierce winds. Watch out for falling coconuts for the tall trees on this side of El Nido are thrashing in the air. With this kind of wind, it’s not hard to imagine you’re in the middle of a typhoon—but without the rain. At night, these winds bring along some winter chill, making Sibaltan a really cool place to just get away from the tourist traffic of El Nido’s Town Proper. Read more >>

New Ibajay

Of the five caves in this valley, only Ille is open to the public. Ancient burial sites, tiger bones, indigenous pottery, and shell-based jewelry have been excavated from here. But the most fascinating artifact is the 9,000-year-old cremation burial of a middle-aged woman. It’s later found out that this is the most intricate and oldest cremation burial in Southeast Asia. You can learn more from the museum next to the cave. Read more >>

The last four destinations are off-the-beaten track and can be reached through 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of motorbike.

Each of these spots are highly recommended and are worth at least a day’s visit.

El Nido is much bigger than most visitors think. We suggest you browse through the seven destination guides and pick at least three to explore.