Skip the Plastic Bottles–And Other Tips

Skip the Plastic Bottles–And Other Tips

El Nido is part of a 90,000-hectare protected area in northern Palawan. Being here means having to adjust to rules that aim to preserve this paradise.

Plastic has been banned all throughout town since September 2018.

This means that whatever chips or fruit you buy will come in a paper bag.

You won’t be seeing any plastic straws. You’ll be sipping from a paper straw or bamboo straw.

Lastly, plastic-bottled drinks are banned in all island tours.

We suggest you bring your own reusable eco-bag and refillable water bottle when visiting El Nido.

That is, if you don’t want to be forced to buy an eco-bag or water bottle.

Most restaurants also have free mineral water which can refill your bottle with.

While these moves may be inconvenient to some visitors, you’ll be helping preserve El Nido’s fragile ecosystem in the long run. Kudos!

Here’s the complete list of tips when visiting El Nido:


DON’T buy or accept plastic-bottled water.
DO bring your own refillable water bottle.

DON’T use plastic bags when shopping.
DO bring your own reusable bag. Or just buy the item without a plastic bag.

DON’T take out food from restaurants. At least try not to.
DO use a lunchbox for take outs or dine in the restaurant instead.

DON’T let the waiter add a plastic straw to your drink.
DO drink without a straw instead.

DON’T throw your trash anywhere or in the sea.
DO keep it in your pocket until you find a trash bin.

DON’T feed animals, pick plants, or step on corals.
DO respect wildlife and watch only from a distance.

DON’T collect shells, rocks, or sand.
DO leave what you find.

Implemented in September 2018, plastic has since been banned in El Nido. This is one of the moves to preserve its ecosystem. To further reduce its garbage turnout, we suggest you bring your own reusable eco-bag (in case you’re shopping) and refillable water bottle.