Where to find good internet or WIFI in El Nido

Where to find good internet or WIFI in El Nido

Hey, you’re in paradise! Who needs internet?

If you’re a digital nomad or simply have an unhealthy relationship with your phone, we bear you news of tragedy: the internet in El Nido is abominable.

Waiting for a web page to load is like watching paint to dry.

Some hotels, resorts, and restaurants have WIFI but the speed is just as terrible.

On some days, the internet can even be non-existent, what with all the road constructions and rewiring going on.

The easiest way to connect to the internet though is to get a local SIM card like Globe or Smart.

Both have LTE connectivity but you shouldn’t expect lightning-speed connections. These should be good enough for chatting and uploading images on social media.

If you’re looking for reliable, fast internet, you can head to Tambok’s Restaurant, Art Cafe, T-Spot, or Taste Cafe. These are pretty good spots to get some work done. You can even stream YouTube videos.

Tambok’s is a great place to get a lot of online work done.

But if you insist on having your own internet connection wherever you are in El Nido, you might want to consider getting a reloadable pocket WIFI which costs around P1,500. Just look up “Smart Bro” or “Globe Tattoo” on Google.

You can reload the pocket WIFI and get faster internet at the cost of around P200 a week or P1,000 a month. The nice thing about this is you can bring it anywhere in the country!

There are also computer shops in the Town Proper where you can pay as you go.

Anyway, forget the internet in El Nido. It’s the best time to unplug, destress, and enjoy nature! Nothing beats the four-dimensional HD reality in this paradise.

Do all your online transactions in a major city if you want a stress-free vacation in El Nido. The slow internet can cause a lot of headache! If you insist, options include getting a Globe or Smart SIM card or a pocket WIFI like Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro. You can also opt to stay in a restaurant with reliable internet like Tambok’s or Art Cafe.