Water Activities

Can’t get enough of the water, can you? Slap on your wetsuit and plunge into the diverse water world of El Nido. There are about 20 dive sites scattered in Bacuit Bay (west) and Imorigue Bay (east). Creatures range from the biggest to the microscopic, and different ones show up at different times of the day! You can also try to catch fish by doing it local style—by bottom fishing or trawling.

Three Fun Dives

Description Make the most out of a day of fun diving. Explore three of Bacuit Bay’s amazing dive sites: two in the morning and one…

Two Fun Dives

Description Discover the gorgeous reefs and diverse marine life in Bacuit Bay with your choice of two fun dives. Sessions start with a short video,…

Diving for Beginners

Description Make the most out of a day of fun diving. You don’t need a diver’s certification to enjoy this whole-day activity! You’ll explore three…


This is a method of fishing where a line is dragged behind a moving boat in deep open waters. You can expect to catch large tuna, barracuda, and Spanish mackerel.

Bottom Fishing

Go fishing the way locals usually do! In this activity, your boat will take you to relatively deep waters where you can drop a nylon line, which has a bait, hook, and weight attached to it, down to the ocean floor.
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