Tips on Booking Motorbikes and Private Vans in El Nido

Tips on Booking Motorbikes and Private Vans in El Nido

Just to give you a warning, El Nido is massive.

The entire town covers almost 1,000 square kilometers. This is about the size of Berlin or Bangkok.

El Nido isn’t just about beaches, islands, and island parties. In fact, only a quarter of the town is touristy.

The rest is pretty much remote, but you’ll still find a dozen mesmerizing beaches and mainland adventures like caves and waterfalls.

If you don’t plan to rent your own private vehicle, you can just stay in the busy touristy center, the Town Proper, or ride a tricycle.

The Town Proper is just a small portion of El Nido.

A tricycle ride is only P10 per person within the Town Proper.

Once you go out, it’s at least 15x more expensive. And if you go to one of those epic, long white beaches, you’ll spend at least 100x more.

It’s really up to you.

The easiest way to get around though is by motorbike, which can seat up to two people. Some other bikes can carry up to three or even four, in desperate times.

Scooters, regular motorbikes, and big bikes can range from P400 to P1,200 per day depending on how flashy you want your two-wheels to be. The regular one is about P700 per day.

But if you’re renting on the day itself, consider yourself lucky if you find a bike. Heck, you should celebrate and get a beer if you get one!

The cool thing about having your own bike is you’re free to roam wherever you want. You can even check out those remote beaches at a fraction of the cost of a tricycle ride.

You need to have a driver’s license though if you’re driving.

For big groups, the best way to go is to rent your own private van, which has a comfortable seating capacity of up to eight (8) people. It can fit up to 12 in there, but you’ll look like sausages in a can.

A private van can be rented out for P4,000 a day, driver included. This is pretty standard.

Book your transport ahead of time if you don’t like the hassle! The best way to go around is by motorcycle, which is a lot cheaper than taking the tricycle all the time. If you’re a big group, the best option is renting a private van.