Things to do in El Nido

From yacht tours and jungle treks to cozy hangouts and nightlife, staying in El Nido gives you a slice of the island life. After living here for a long time, we’re laying out all the best spots and things to do for you to try! So put your seatbelt on and let’s go for a trip that will last you a lifetime. Adventure begins when you leave your comfort zone.

Kuyawyaw Falls

Kuyawyaw Falls: A Cool Nature Trip near El Nido While much of El Nido is baking in the tropical sun, there’s this one spot just…

Nagkalit-Kalit Falls

Nagkalit-Kalit Falls: An Easy Sidetrip on the way to Nacpan Green rice fields, river crossings, cool forest air, and sometimes even thick sludges of mud–these…
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