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During the Amihan Season from November to April, Sibaltan is ripped by fierce winds. Watch out for falling coconuts for the tall trees on this side of El Nido are thrashing in the air. With this kind of wind, it’s not hard to imagine you’re in the middle of a typhoon—but without the rain. At night, these winds bring along some winter chill, making Sibaltan a really cool place to just get away from the tourist traffic of El Nido’s Town Proper.

The main point of interest in Sibaltan is the 2km rustic strip Sibaltan Beach. Half of the beach comprise of a fishing village, while the other half is dotted with affordable campsites and beach hut resorts. Three attractions along this beach are Balay Cuyonon Museum, Pangko Maritime Museum, and Sibaltan Mangrove Forest, where you can boat along and catch sight of hundreds of fireflies at night.

The closely knit village of Sibaltan also has a homey vibe where locals are quite friendly and accommodating. It has a small community of kitesurfers, who train newbies and pros alike through their Kite Club Academy along Sibaltan Beach. Just across the beach is the bird and sea snake sanctuary, Bubog Islet, which is reachable by kayak and standup paddleboard. Further off are more island hopping destinations such as Pating, Barangonan, and the picturesque Maosonon Island.

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7 Things To Do

7. Camp on the 2km-long Sibaltan Beach and watch the glorious sunrise! This is one of the nicest spot for sunrise watching in El Nido.

6. Explore Balay Cuyonon Museum and Pangko Maritime Museum, and see the locals’ cultural performance.

5. Near the Pangko Maritime Museum, Sibaltan Mangrove River is great for swimming and boating!

4. Befriend some fishermen and join them fishing using the technique ‘kawil’ or hook-and-line.

3. On a calm day, rent a kayak and see Bubog Islet. Just 1km away from Sibaltan Beach, Bubog Islet features a white beach with lots of shells and a rocky side teeming with sea snakes!

2. Between November and April, you can learn kitesurfing in the open water and ride the fierce amihan winds.

1. Hop to Bubog, Pating, and Maosonon Islands, and even explore the raw, talcum-like beaches of the 52-island town Linapacan!

Overall, Sibaltan is a great alternative to El Nido’s crowded Town Proper, especially for people looking for quiet, extended stays.

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On the Map

How To Get There

The easiest way to get to Sibaltan is by motorbike or scooter. This takes around 1.5 hours. Katar Vans also go to Sibaltan in the late afternoon for P200 each. Just text the company at (+63) 906 648 4602. Another option is to take a jeepney from El Nido Transport Terminal for P70 each. The jeep leaves at around 10:30 am and returns to the Town Proper at 4:30 am the following day.

Tours & Adventures

Book your tours and adventures in El Nido. We offer local rates that are affordable for everyone! See all tours here >>

Hotels & Resorts

With over 300 hotels and resorts in El Nido, choosing the right place to stay can be tricky. Here are our recommendations in Sibaltan:

Tapik Beach Park
Accommodations range from beach tents and treetop cottages to island camping in Imorigue Bay. It has a charming bar and restaurant too. Price starts at P403. More details >>

Erlittop Garden
Just a five-minute walk to Sibaltan Beach, this hilltop accommodation faces the sunrise and has unique native cottages and bungalows. Price starts at P450. More details >>

Ursula Beach Club
Located along Sibaltan Beach, this lodging offers simple cottages, bungalows, and a hillside loft. It has one of the better restaurants and bars in the area. Price starts at P450. More details >>

This rustic beachfront accommodation offers tents and huts facing Imorigue Bay. It also provides tours like Linapacan Island Tour and water activities. Price starts at P500. More details >>

Qi Palawan
About 15 minutes from Sibaltan, this luxurious nature resort is a treat with its own long beach and strong monsoon winds. Qi offers yoga and diving too. Price starts at P10,328. More details >>