Puerto Princesa Tours

Whether you’re entering or exiting El Nido via Puerto Princesa, do stay here for at least a day for this city is even more vibrant than you think. Of course, the underground river and firefly watching are not to be missed! But if you want something new, rev up an all-terrain vehicle and explore mud-caked jungles and cool rivers in Puerto Princesa. You’ll get raving after, we promise!

Underground River Tour

Spanning a staggering 8.2km, this watery cave tunnel is the second longest underground river in the world. When you boat along this deep, dark, and huge tunnel, it’s like exploring an old mystery in the guts of the earth. Some of the chambers you’ll see are so huge, they’re as big as cathedrals.

Iwahig Firefly Watching Tour

What can be more magical than a paddleboat tour at night surrounded by thousands of fireflies? The tour starts with a short drive to Iwahig River where you will first have your yummy buffet dinner in a restaurant.

Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

There’s nothing like crystal clear, warm waters, varied marine life, and well-preserved islands in a place like Palawan! In this island hopping tour, you’ll experience the charming white beaches and islands in Honda Bay.

Puerto Princesa City Tour

In an archipelago like Palawan, there are more stories to tell than just stunning limestone islands, deep forests, and varied endemic wildlife. Beyond its naturescapes is a destination steeped in history and culture. You can to know about these in this City Tour!

ATV X-treme Trail Ride

Get ready for one of the most thrilling adventures in Puerto Princesa! The title says it all. Things will get rough and dirty as you ride this all-terrain vehicle and traverse rocky roads and muddy trails in our 300-hectare playground. Watch out for splashes of mud as deep potholes are part of the fun!

ATV Adventure Trail Ride

If the X-treme Trail is for the hardcore off-roadie, this 1.5-hour Adventure Trail is for the daredevil. You’ll be getting on an all-terrain vehicle and rough your way through off roads and mud-caked trails in our 300-hectare playground. At one point, you’ll get a big splash of mud all over you, which is part of the fun!
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