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When travelers have had enough of El Nido’s popular attractions, one of the best places to see next are the twin beaches of Nacpan. Called Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach, these beaches lie back to back to each other, arched like the curve of a wheel. Nacpan Beach, however, gets all the attention because of its soft and cream-white sandbank, spanning a bewildering 4.2km!

Nacpan’s clear, turquoise water is great for swimming and running after the waves. You’d have to be careful for some riptides though, which claim one to two tourists a year. Yikes! If you love your life, do stay in the shallows, waist-deep at most, or just enjoy beach bumming in the sun. The twin beaches are joined together by a craggy hill, offering cool bird’s eye views of the surroundings.

The water around this hill is great for snorkelling too. The reef is clean and healthy, and various kinds of fish and clams can be witnessed, especially on a clear, calm day. Standup paddleboards and kayaks can be rented out from some shacks along the beach. You can also take these to go around the cute Buri Islets just right in front of Nacpan Beach.

Do stay for sunset for this one steals the show! When the sun starts to set, people just stop whatever they’re doing and everything becomes poetic for a moment. Although Nacpan is not so commercialized, you can still find places to stay for as low as P400 if you need to crash for the night. Lastly, don’t miss the best-seller coconut rum near the beach entrance!

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7 Things To Do

7. After a day of island hopping, get a massage by village ladies at the scenic Nacpan Beach.

6. Watch kids play and chat with local fishermen. Learn about everyday life in El Nido!

5. Unwind in a bar along the beach with an ice-cold drink or a delicious coconut juice!

4. Go snorkeling where the twin beaches meet and see colorful marine life!

3. Near the beach entrance, try the best-seller coconut rum, a refreshing mix of coconut juice, boracay rhum, tanduay rhum, and lime juice!

2. Trek into a forest, see El Nido’s wild animals, and bathe in the cascades of Nagkalit-Kalit Falls.

1. Walk barefoot on the twin beaches and dip in the warm, turquoise water. Nothing beats swimming in the sunny El Nido!

Nacpan’s laid-back atmosphere will definitely satisfy that craving for an endless summer.

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On the Map

How To Get There

The easiest way to get to Nacpan is to get onto a shuttle van in the Town Proper. The van leaves every hour from Discover El Nido office (see map). Travel time is about 45 minutes to one hour. Chartering a tricycle to Nacpan costs about P800, one-way. You can also rent a motorbike going here, which gives you the option to stop by Nagkalit-Kalit Falls along the highway. Just a word of caution: the dirt road from the highway to the beach area is riddled with potholes and can be muddy during rainy season.

Tours & Adventures

Book your tours and adventures in El Nido. We offer local rates that are affordable for everyone! See all tours here >>

Hotels & Resorts

With over 300 hotels and resorts in El Nido, choosing the right place to stay can be tricky. Here are our recommendations in Nacpan:

Mad Monkey Hostel
This native-designed party hostel sits right in front of the rustic Nacpan Beach, close to Calitang Beach. Accommodations include dorm beds, beach tents, and a loft. Price starts at P800.

Where 2 Next Nacpan
Experience authentic village lifestyle in this eco-friendly hostel. It’s just a 10-minute walk from Nacpan Beach and offers private rooms, dorm beds, and tents. Price starts at P1,000.

Dandal Bay View
Located along Calitang Beach and just a four-minute walk to Nacpan Beach, this lodging offers simple fan and AC rooms as well as island tours. Price starts at P1,000.

Balili Farm
This beachfront accommodation keeps the spirit of local Cuyonon tradition with its seafarer-inspired cottages. Enjoy the free bikes, a garden, and sea views! Price starts at P2,520.

Cabanas de Nacpan
Nestled in a farm, Cabanas de Nacpan offers luxurious glamping for people who want to camp in style. They offer activities too such as diving and hiking. Price starts at P2,789.