Money Matters, ATMs, and Credit Cards in El Nido

Money Matters, ATMs, and Credit Cards in El Nido

The demand for electricity in El Nido is pretty steep. With this kind of hot weather, plenty of rooms are running on air-conditioning all at the same time.

Now, you shouldn’t be surprised if the lights in your room won’t turn on. Power outages in town is pretty common, it’s a sad fact of life.

And when the power is out, ATMs are down too. That’s a double whammy.

When the ATMs are online anyway, they run out of money pretty quickly.

With only a few establishments accepting credit cards, the only real safe way to go is to make transactions like how it was 10 years ago–by bills and coins.

To make things easier, it’s best to withdraw money from a major city like Manila, Cebu, or Puerto Princesa.

Here’s a list of all the banks and ATMs in El Nido.

Banks and ATMs in El Nido

Bank of the Philippine Islands (bank and ATM)
Calle Real, Brgy. Buena Suerte,
El Nido, Palawan (see map)
(+63) 48 244 0960
The bank is open Monday to Friday,
9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
The ATM is open 24/7.

Municipal Hall, Gregorio del Pilar Street,
El Nido, Palawan (see map)

BPI Lio Tourism Estate Branch (2 ATMs)
Near Globy restaurant and inside Kalye Artisano
Sitio Lio, Brgy. Villa Libertad,
El Nido, Palawan (see map)

Power outages in El Nido are common. ATMs are down when this happens, or usually run out of money when they’re online. Only a few establishments accept credit cards too, so it’s best to prepare enough cash on hand by withdrawing it in a major city like Manila or Puerto Princesa.