Mainland Tours

Dig more of the island life in mainland El Nido! Incredible long white beaches and pristine waterfalls await. If you want to get your heart thumping, whizz down a zipline at sunset or try the spiderwebs on the high cliffs. Yikes! You can immerse in El Nido’s culture and meet a folk healer too. El Nido is more diverse than you think!

El Nido Zipline

Have a gripping view of Maramegmeg Beach and its signature sunset! Upon booking, just save your receipt from your email and head over to Maramegmeg Beach.

Rent a Private Van

Description Taxis do not exist in El Nido, so your next best choice is renting a van. The van is comfortable, safe, and air-conditioned. It…

El Nido Tour D

There’s no shortage of scenic views when you go on Tour D, which takes you to the most prominent island in Bacuit Bay along with four other destinations.

Paintball Adventure

Get a feel of what it’s like to be in a battle field—without the pain and gunshots!—with this outdoor paintball experience. You’ll be wearing protective gear and a full face mask, and will be handling a sniper-like gun loaded with balls of paint.

ATV Adventure Trail Ride

If the X-treme Trail is for the hardcore off-roadie, this 1.5-hour Adventure Trail is for the daredevil. You’ll be getting on an all-terrain vehicle and rough your way through off roads and mud-caked trails in our 300-hectare playground. At one point, you’ll get a big splash of mud all over you, which is part of the fun!
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