Mainland Tours

Dig more of the island life in mainland El Nido! Incredible long white beaches and pristine waterfalls await. If you want to get your heart thumping, whizz down a zipline at sunset or try the spiderwebs on the high cliffs. Yikes! You can immerse in El Nido’s culture and meet a folk healer too. El Nido is more diverse than you think!

Epic Beaches and Waterfalls

Away from the popular tours in El Nido, this tour features incredibly long white beaches, nature trekking, and a waterfall adventure in the mainland.

El Nido Cultural Tour

Located on the east coast is El Nido’s cultural hotspot. In Sibaltan village, you’ll see two museums, meet a folk healer, and get to explore two rustic beaches and a pretty islet.

El Nido Zipline

Have a gripping view of Maramegmeg Beach and its signature sunset! Upon booking, just save your receipt from your email and head over to Maramegmeg Beach.
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