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The sustainably developed Lio feels like an exclusive beach town. Without the tricycles, peddlers, and crowds of the Town Proper, this side of paradise is a great spot for those looking for a scenic and serene stay in El Nido—without the budget constraints.

Lio’s eye-candy attraction is the public white cove Lio Beach. This charming and well-maintained cove stretches an impressive 4km! It’s quite a long walk from end to end. The sandbank is wide, reaching all the way back to the posh resorts and the tree-shaded strip of restaurants and bars at the beach entrance.

The charm of Lio Beach isn’t just the lovely, clean cove, however. The beach faces a striking profile of Cadlao Island, the largest island in Bacuit Bay. When the sun comes down, the view is incredible, even with the nicely lit, cemented pier. Touring Bacuit Bay on a yacht takes off from here, with an option for a joiner or private tour.

Not to be missed in Lio is the artisan village Kalye Artisano. It’s a little roadside compound of quirky shops selling sustainable fashion and lifestyle products as well as a variety of arts and crafts supporting the livelihood of local artists in Palawan. It’s a great space to hangout, meet artists, and see some cool murals!

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7 Things To Do

7. Lio is great for a one-stop food trip! Hip bars and restaurants range from healthy eats and seafood to pizzas, hot grills, and juicy burgers.

6. Get a traditional ‘hilot’ massage at Mayana Spa. This ancient art of Filipino healing makes use of a deep massage that clears energy blockages in the body.

5. Rent one of the local bamboo bikes, check out restaurants, bars, and craft stores, and cruise around the tree-lined surroundings.

4. Lio faces Cadlao Island in Bacuit Bay. When the sun comes down, the view is just lovely and romantic!

3. From Lio Beach, you can board a yacht and tour virgin islands, hidden lagoons, and secret white beaches in Bacuit Bay.

2. Lio Beach is one of the cleanest in El Nido. Here you can enjoy the warm, blue water and go paddleboarding or kayaking.

1. Hang out at the artisan village Kalye Artisano. This colorful strip showcases cool murals, sustainable fashion and lifestyle products, and arts and crafts by Palawan artists.

Altogether, Lio’s vibe is a mix of serenity and exclusivity, while offering a variety of fun activities!

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On the Map

How To Get There

Developed by Ayala Foundation, Lio Tourism Estate is about 20 minutes by motorbike from the Town Proper. If renting a bike is not for you, there’s a free shuttle van beside Ten Knots that goes to Lio and back. The van leaves every 30 minutes, between 8 am and 12 mn. Two other alternatives are renting a private van and chartering a tricycle, which costs P200 to P300.

Tours & Adventures

Book your tours and adventures in Lio. We offer local rates that are affordable for everyone! See all tours here >>

Hotels & Resorts

With over 300 hotels and resorts in El Nido, choosing the right place to stay can be tricky. Here are our recommendations in Lio:

Hotel Covo
This chic hotel has a fun vibe and offers all the convenience of a beachfront resort. It’s quite secluded but has easy access to Lio’s bars and restaurants. Price starts at P5,155. More details >>

Balai Adlao
Located at Lio Beach, this resort has modern, comfortable rooms. It also offers recreational activities and spaces for retreats and meditations. Price starts at P6,524. More details >>

El Nido Cove Resort
This resort has its own exclusive beachfront, swimming pool, and lovely bay views. Rooms here are big and spacious, surrounded by nature. Price starts at P6,902. More details >>

Casa Kalaw
Surrounded by green forests, this eco-friendly resort is great for big groups and families. It also has an outdoor pool, game lounge, and conference rooms. Price starts at P7,647. More details >>

Seda Lio
This tastefully designed resort has spacious rooms, wide outdoor spaces, and large swimming pools. It offers activities such as trekking and windsurfing. Price starts at P10,751. More details >>