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There is no shortage of swells in a remote surfing spot like Duli. The waves are slow, long, and rumbling, as the sun spears through the glassy blue water. Surfers paddle and ride the whitewash through the amihan months or northeastern monsoon between November and April. The waves in Duli are generally steady, great for beginners, but not barrelling perfectly.

Non-surfers who go to Duli are mesmerized by the 2km-long sandbank, edging against a thick wall of forest and coconut trees. There are no commercial establishments along this secluded beach, save for a bungalow resort at one end and a couple of makeshift shacks offering surfboard rentals for P500 and surfing lessons for P700. Beers and some snacks are also sold in one or two stores.

Due to its remoteness, Duli Beach easily maintains its gorgeous, raw appeal and its laid-back atmosphere. Just the sound of the waves, the cool, light breeze, and the steadily warming sun are enough to make beach lovers come back here over and over. Just make sure to put on some insect repellent as sandflies come around when the wind is calm.

When you reach the northern end of Duli Beach, you can walk along some crags and explore two more alluring white beaches. Mariposa Beach is lush and privately owned, with a broken-down, abandoned resthouse in the middle. Dagmay Beach, on the other hand, has one or two establishments and quickly sets path to fishing villages with dirt roads and coconut trees.

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5 Things To Do

5. Interact with locals and surfers. Duli has a steady, chill vibe and everyone is friendly!

4. Borrow a volleyball and play on the beach! It’s great to get active in the early morning or late afternoon.

3. Book a beachfront bungalow with Duli Beach Resort and enjoy the serenity and the soft spell of waves.

2. Soak in the tropical sun and the clear blue water at the long stretch of Duli Beach. There’s nothing like a raw and laid-back beach in El Nido!

1. Duli is not Duli without surfing. The surf season from November to April brings consistent, warm swells, great for first-timers and pros alike!

Duli doesn’t have the crowds or the commercial vibe of the Town Proper. You shouldn’t miss this if you love nature and the outdoors!

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On the Map

How To Get There

From El Nido’s Town Proper, Duli is 60 to 75 minutes north by motorbike. You can also charter a tricycle for around P1,500 two-way. If you’re traveling in a bigger group, you might as well rent a private van. From Nacpan, Duli is about 20 minutes away. This includes the dirt road towards the surf spot. Before reaching the beach, you’ll have to pay P50 per person for passing through someone’s private property.

Tours & Adventures

There are no bookable Tours & Adventures in Duli at the moment. See all tours in El Nido >>

Hotels & Resorts

With over 300 hotels and resorts in El Nido, choosing the right place to stay can be tricky. Here is our recommendation in Duli:

Duli Beach Resort
This resort offers spacious bungalows with big beds. Electricity is limited, but you have nature, the sea breeze, and a free breakfast! Price starts at P3,000. More details >>