Cheap Hotels in El Nido – for extended stays!

Cheap Hotels in El Nido – for extended stays!

If you want to extend your stay in El Nido for weeks or even months, you can get cheap accommodations living on the east coast, in the windy village of Sibaltan.

Take it from us: It’s easy to fall deep with El Nido and forget the rest of the world.

With its delicious ocean air, fresh seafood, and all these friendly, laid-back people from all over the world, many folks have come and unintentionally made El Nido home.

If you do wish to extend your stay to just unwind with no plans, there’s this peaceful village in east called Sibaltan.

It’s about 1.5 hours away by motorbike from the Town Proper. You’d have to drive all the way to the north and then to the east, to reach the opposite side of El Nido.

Out there is just peace, howling winds, glorious sunrises, and slow mornings where you wake up to the sound of chirping birds and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Best of all, accommodations here are cheap!

In Sibaltan, a typical accommodation runs at around P400 per night, but you can stay for as low as P200.

How sweet is that?

For more info, check out our Sibaltan El Nido Travel Guide or this list of Budget Accommodations in Sibaltan, El Nido.

If in any case you fall in love with El Nido and want to stay longer, you can go to the windy Sibaltan. Accommodations here are the cheapest you can find in El Nido.