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I started to hear a lot of people who said they loved her also say that they hated her. They hated her voice. They hated the way she dressed. They hated her drive to be perfect and that she was sort of a know-it-all. And I was really confused about why people who were answering my calls to talk about why they liked Martha Stewart were sharing all these things about why they didn’t like her.

El Nido Zipline

Have a gripping view of Maramegmeg Beach and its signature sunset! Upon booking, just save your receipt from your email and head over to Maramegmeg Beach.

Rent a Private Van

Description Taxis do not exist in El Nido, so your next best choice is renting a van. The van is comfortable, safe, and air-conditioned. It…

El Nido Tour D

There’s no shortage of scenic views when you go on Tour D, which takes you to the most prominent island in Bacuit Bay along with four other destinations.

Paintball Adventure

Get a feel of what it’s like to be in a battle field—without the pain and gunshots!—with this outdoor paintball experience. You’ll be wearing protective gear and a full face mask, and will be handling a sniper-like gun loaded with balls of paint.

ATV Adventure Trail Ride

If the X-treme Trail is for the hardcore off-roadie, this 1.5-hour Adventure Trail is for the daredevil. You’ll be getting on an all-terrain vehicle and rough your way through off roads and mud-caked trails in our 300-hectare playground. At one point, you’ll get a big splash of mud all over you, which is part of the fun!
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