8 Nature Resorts you’ll love in El Nido—handpicked by locals!

If you’ve come to El Nido to recharge yourself in a quiet, secluded place, you might as well stay in a nature resort. It’s the perfect balance to your island hopping activities or motorbike adventures! Here are 7 most loved nature resorts in El Nido, recommended by locals:

El Nido Viewdeck Cottages

Just a five-minute walk to the Town Proper, this affordable accommodation sits on a hill surrounded by nature and limestones. The location is pretty quiet and pleasant, which nature-lovers will definitely love. Price starts at P1,200. More photos and info >>

Balili Farm

This beachfront accommodation keeps the spirit of local Cuyonon tradition with its seafarer-inspired cottages. Enjoy the free bikes, garden, and sea views! Price starts at P2,520.

Cabanas de Nacpan

Nestled in a farm, Cabanas de Nacpan has luxurious glamping accommodations for people who want to camp in style. The offer activities too such as diving and hiking. Price starts at P2,789.

Las Cabañas Beach Resort

One of El Nido’s oldest and most reputable resorts, Las Cabañas is synonymous with Marimegmeg Beach and its stunning sunset views. Enjoy its prime location and great food. Price starts at P5,825. More photos and info >>

Duli Beach Resort

This resort offers spacious bungalows with big beds. Electricity is limited, but you have nature, the sea breeze, and a free breakfast! Price starts at P3,000. More photos and info >>

The Birdhouse

Just a few minutes south of Marimegmeg Beach, this eco-friendly hillside accommodation provides glamping tents peeking out of thick trees and overlooking the wonderful bay. Price starts at P8,491.

Buko Beach Resort

This Cuyonon-inspired resort features traditional seafarer cottages as well as a nature-designed grand villa for big groups. It has a nice pool facing the charming Bacuit Bay. Price starts at P9,602. More photos and info >>

Qi Palawan

About 15 minutes from Sibaltan, this luxurious nature resort is a treat with its own long beach and strong monsoon winds. Qi offers yoga, diving, and other water activities. Price starts at P10,328. More photos and info >>

Lagun Hotel

Surrounded by bay views and limestone cliffs, this hotel is quite secluded, offering premium suites and deluxe lofts. It also has this chic infinity pool with nature views. Price starts at P6,365. More photos and info >>