8 Best Spots for Sunset (and Sunrise) Watching in El Nido

8 Best Spots for Sunset (and Sunrise) Watching in El Nido

When you ask a tricycle driver to take you to the best sunset spot in El Nido, they will most likely bring you to Las Cabañas. It’s a charming hotel and restaurant along Marimegmeg Beach and its prime location has always been associated with the most scenic sunset in El Nido.

But there’s so much more sunset—and sunrise—spots to El Nido than just Las Cabañas! If you’re taking a longer stay in paradise, you should definitely try these beaches and their recommended hangout spots. Here are the best areas to watch this pretty ball of fire in El Nido:

Corong-Corong Beach

Brgy. Corong-Corong, El Nido (see map)

Sunset from Panorama along Corong-Corong Beach.

While tricycle drivers usually bring tourists to Marimegmeg Beach, Corong-Corong Beach actually has a better vantage point for sunset watching. When the sun dips behind Bacuit Bay, the islands make for stunning fired up silhouettes.

An unobstructed view of the sunset from Republica Sunset Bar.

Along the beach, the top places to stay or hang out are in Panorama and Outpost. These can be accessed from the main road in Brgy. Corong-Corong. If you just want to chill with a drink and a great view, the roadside Republica Sunset Bar is top-notch.

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How to get to Corong-Corong Beach: Drive there with a motorbike or ask a tricycle driver to bring you to any of the three bars mentioned above. Fare is P150 per trip for three people and an additional P50 per extra person.

Marimegmeg Beach

Brgy. Corong-Corong, El Nido (see map)

Marimegmeg Beach
Marimegmeg Beach at sunset time.

This beach is a better place to stay if you’re planning to go swimming. The best spot to watch the sunset here is indeed Las Cabañas, which is located at the southern end of the beach. If you’re up for an adventure, you can also try the zipline, kayak, or standup paddleboard, which are offered along the beach.

Great beats, cocktails, and beach mats (and even swings!) are better enjoyed at Maremegmeg Beach Bar and The Beach Shack, however. For nature lovers, the restaurant at the forest-surrounded Birdhouse is cool for sunsets too. You can also check out its yoga studio for some peace and quiet.

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How to get to Marimegmeg Beach: Drive there with a motorbike or ask a tricycle driver to bring you to any of the four establishments mentioned above. Fare is P150 per trip for three people and an additional P50 per extra person.

Lio Beach

Brgy. Villa Libertad, El Nido (see map)

Lio El Nido
You can see airplanes from Lio, where the airport is also located.

Spanning 4km long, this charming white cove offers a striking view of Cadlao Island. Sunsets from Lio are a lot more peaceful but are just as spectacular. People usually hang out at the pier to watch this late afternoon show. Airplanes flying in and out are a part of the scene too.

Lio Beach’s sunset taken from the pier.

Lio Beach has a wide sandbank reaching far back to its tree-shaded restaurants and bars. While the sunset cannot be viewed from these establishments, we recommend Shaka and El Nido Grill if you want to grab a drink or some nibbles.

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How to get to Lio Beach: Lio Beach is about 20 minutes by motorbike from the town proper. If renting a bike is not for you, there’s a free shuttle van beside Ten Knots that goes to Lio and back. The van leaves every 30 minutes, between 8 am and 12 mn. Chartering a tricycle costs around P250.

Lamoro Beach

Brgy. Pasadena, El Nido (see map)

Lamoro Beach El Nido
Lamoro shares the same views as Lio Beach so sunsets from here are similar, but a lot more peaceful.

The lovely and rustic Lamoro Beach is an extension of Lio Beach. The long stretch of Lamoro is almost always secluded with no tourists. Sunsets here are quietly brilliant, especially on the southern half of the beach, which is lined with dense foliage, coconut trees, and some pretty driftwood. If you need to grab something to drink or eat, El Nido Cove Resort’s outdoor restaurant is open to all.

How to get to Lamoro Beach: Take a motorbike and drive to El Nido Cove Resort. Travel time from the town proper is about 20 minutes. If you don’t want to go through the resort, there’s a short dirt road to the beach right after the resort. The road is located next to a plant nursery on your left side. You can also charter a tricycle to El Nido Cove Resort for around P250.

Nacpan Beach

Brgy. Bucana, El Nido (see map)

This is one of the longest and most beautiful white beaches in the mainland. When the sun sets at the southern end of the beach, everything becomes poetic for a moment. Together with the gorgeous beach and the clear turquoise water, the sunset here is a feast for the eyes! The party hostel Mad Monkey has a cool bar to hang out in. If you want a more quiet place to chill, there’s Sunmai.

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How to get to Nacpan Beach: The easiest way to get to here is via a Nacpan shuttle van in the town proper. Travel time is about 45 minutes for P350 one-way and P600 two-way. Taking a tricycle to Nacpan costs about P800. You can also rent a motorbike to get here.

Turarod Beach

Brgy. San Fernando, El Nido (see map)

This is one of the best places to watch the sunrise in El Nido. Turarod is another secluded white beach, almost a kilometer long. It’s home to fishing villages and the luxurious nature resort Qi Palawan. You can enjoy the sunrise here with some sun salutations for the resort also offers yoga sessions. Turarod is also surrounded by secret white beaches where you can camp and simply enjoy nature.

How to get to Turarod Beach: The fastest way to get here is by motorbike, which can take up to 1.5 hours from the town proper. You can also go here by van for P200 each. Just send Katar Van a message at (0906) 648 4602. It usually leaves the town proper in the late afternoon.

Sibaltan Beach

Brgy. Sibaltan, El Nido (see map)

Sibaltan Beach on a calm day.

Though not the prettiest beach in El Nido, Sibaltan Beach is a great spot for watching the sunrise. The 2km beach has a homey, laid-back vibe, a series of campsite resorts, and access to island hopping tours in Linapacan and eastern El Nido. Monsoon winds here are crazy wild between November and April, which make for a refreshing getaway from El Nido’s town proper. Recommended places to stay and chill out are Tapik, Ursula, and Erlittop.

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How to get to Sibaltan Beach: The easiest way to get to Sibaltan is by motorbike or scooter. Katar Vans also go to Sibaltan in the late afternoon for P200 each. Just text the company at (0906) 648 4602. Another option is to take the jeepney from El Nido Transport Terminal. It leaves at around 10:30 am and returns to the town proper at 4:30 am the following day.

Ille Cave

Brgy. New Ibajay, El Nido (see map)

El Nido
One of the limestone towers in New Ibajay.

The best sunrise view in El Nido is from the summit of a limestone cliff, where Ille Cave is found. The cave, a significant archaeological site in the country, is part of a cave system interconnecting the other limestone cliffs sitting on a vast rice field in New Ibajay village. Climbing to the top of the cliff takes about 20 minutes with some bouldering and vertical ascent. And when the sun comes out, the scene of limestones and rice fields transforms into a breathless landscape! A guide is required to make it to the top costing P350 per group. There’s a campsite near the foot of the cave where you can set up a tent if you want to stay here for the night.

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How to get to Ille Cave: The easiest way to get to New Ibajay is by motorcycle or van, which can take some two hours. There’s a 45-minute shortcut from the town proper, but it’s a bumpy ride all the way. If you want to commute, a jeepney from El Nido Transport Terminal goes to New Ibajay at 11:00 am and returns to the town proper at 6:00 am the following day. Fare is P50 and travel time is around 2 hours.