5 Camping and Glamping Accommodations in El Nido

You can definitely camp along the beach in El Nido but not in the busy Town Proper. All of these camping and glamping accommodations are located along other major beaches, mainly in Nacpan and Sibaltan. Camping or glamping in these areas is an experience in itself so you can enjoy the serenity, the beach, and the bay views! Here are 6 camping and glamping accommodations in El Nido:

Tapik Beach Park

Accommodations range from beach tents and treetop cottages to island camping in Imorigue Bay. Tapik has a charming bar and restaurant too. Price starts at P403. More photos and info >>

Erlittop Garden

Just a five-minute walk to Sibaltan Beach, this hilltop accommodation faces the sunrise and has unique native cottages, huts, and bungalows. Price starts at P450. More photos and info >>

Mad Monkey Hostel

This native-designed party hostel sits right in front of the rustic Nacpan Beach, close to Calitang Beach. Accommodations include dorm beds, beach tents, and a loft. Price starts at P800.

Cabanas de Nacpan

Nestled in a farm, Cabanas de Nacpan has luxurious glamping accommodations for people who want to camp in style. The offer activities too such as diving and hiking. Price starts at P2,789.

The Birdhouse

Just a few minutes south of Marimegmeg Beach, this eco-friendly hillside accommodation provides glamping tents peeking out of thick trees and overlooking the wonderful bay. Price starts at P8,491.