10 El Nido Beaches for Your Next Motorbike Adventure

10 El Nido Beaches for Your Next Motorbike Adventure

When island tours are cancelled in El Nido, just grab a motorbike and take on the next best adventure in town—beach-hopping in the mainland! The first four beaches are just within 20 minutes from the Town Proper, while the rest can take up to 90 minutes (#10!). Here are 10 epic beaches for your next motorbike adventure in El Nido:

Marimegmeg Beach

Brgy. Corong-Corong, El Nido (see map)

Marimegmeg Beach at sunset time.

Just 10 minutes away from the Town Proper, Marimegmeg Beach is home to the most spectacular show in El Nido: the sunset. Las Cabañas Resort is the perfect spot to see this view. Grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy the scene! Other things you can do on this beach include kayaking, standup paddleboard, and ziplining! Read more about this destination >>

Corong-Corong Beach

Brgy. Corong-Corong, El Nido (see map)

Corong-Corong Beach taken from Panorama Beach Club.

Right next to Marimegmeg Beach, Corong-Corong Beach is also one of the most stunning spots to watch the sunset in El Nido. Though the beach may be too narrow for sunbathing, there are a couple of bars like Panorama and Outpost to enjoy great food, cold beers, and a cool atmosphere. Read more about this destination >>

Lio Beach

Brgy. Villa Libertad, El Nido (see map)

Lio is also where El Nido’s airport is located.

This charming white cove in Lio Tourism Estate feels like an exclusive beach town. It’s one of the cleanest in El Nido too. Lio Beach has lovely night lights and a neat food trip and nightlife scene. Its pier is a pleasant place to hangout at night to watch the starry sky and listen to the crashing waves. If you’re lucky, you can see glowing planktons here too! Read more about this destination >>

Lamoro Beach

Brgy. Pasadena, El Nido (see map)

Most of Lamoro Beach is deserted.
Lamoro Beach faces some pretty islands in Bacuit Bay too.

About 20 minutes from the Town Proper, the 2km-long Lamoro Beach is mostly deserted except for one posh resort, El Nido Cove, and a couple of fishermen’s houses. Most of the beach is lined with untended trees and coconuts and you can have the entire stretch for yourself! Lamoro Beach also has a breathtaking view of some of Bacuit Bay’s islands.

Nacpan Beach

Brgy. Bucana, El Nido (see map)

Aerial view of the twin beaches Nacpan and Calitang.

This backpackers’ beach located 45 minutes from the town proper features soft, cream-white sand stretching a staggering 4km! Nacpan has a wide sandbank and clear, turquoise waters, similar to the next three beaches. It’s twin, Calitang Beach, though shorter, is found at the southern end. Read more about this destination >>

Duli Beach

Brgy. Bucana, El Nido (see map)

The surfing spot is located at the southern end of Duli.
Duli Beach is incredibly long and simply amazing.

Not as crowded as Nacpan, Duli Beach is a bit more rustic and laid-back—except during surfing season (November and March) when surfers drive by and ride the waves! Duli Beach has a wide sandbank too and stretches up to 2km. It has one bungalow accommodation, Duli Beach Resort, and a few shacks offering surfing lessons. Read more about this destination >>

Mariposa Beach

Brgy. Teneguiban, El Nido (see map)

When you reach the northern end of Duli, you can cross some crags and get to this privately owned beach. It can be accessed from a dirt road at the back as well. Mariposa Beach used to be landscaped—you can tell by the trees and plants in the plot. There’s also a broken-down, abandoned resthouse in the middle. If you get here, you’ll have the entire beach for yourself!

Dagmay Beach

Brgy. Teneguiban, El Nido (see map)

Located right after Mariposa Beach and also accessible by dirt road, this beach shares the cream-white sandbank of the previous beaches. There is less greenery on this beach though. A few accommodations dot the area and you can take some trails going to fishing villages. This beach is far out of the way, but it can be a great place to enjoy your own peace and quiet.

Turarod Beach

Brgy. San Fernando, El Nido (see map)

Located on the east coast of El Nido, this long beach is home to the luxury nature resort Qi Palawan, surrounded by coconut trees and fishing villages. The wind here can tear roofs off houses (November to March), which is why this beach is great for kitesurfing. If you feel like hanging out, order a fruity shake at Qi and lie down in one of the hammocks!

Buluang Beach

Brgy. Sibaltan, El Nido (see map)

This beach is one of the longest on the east coast and is home to fishing villages. It’s one of those sleepy beaches with rough winds (great for kitesurfing!) and swaying coconut trees. It’s a cool spot to camp at night and watch locals paddle out to sea, set their nets, and pull some fresh fish. From here, you can also watch the sunrise and the moonrise!